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What Makes Bully Registry Different:

 You have to ask yourself a few questions to understand what makes Bully Registry different from the other sites.

  •  Do you like not being able to update your dogs once they are on there?
  •  Do you like waiting days even weeks to get your dogs information updated with updated pics, litters etc..?
  •  Do you like having your dogs information deleted, changed, or completely messed up by someone else?
  •  Do you like seeing several entries of the same dog, trying to figure out which one is the correct one?
  •  Do you like finding the same dog with multiple Sires and Dams?
  •  Have you noticed the dogs on other sites have the SAME REGISTRATION NUMBERS - How can they be legit if they have the same numbers?
  •  Do you find yourself frustrated because you can't share the pedigree with others because they don't have an account with the other registries?

    With Bully Registry we have designed the back end of the site to help the users.

    First and Foremost - when you become a member you are able to add your dogs and pedigree. Once you add your dog, the dog is completely locked down. People can view the dog and pedigree but are not able to change, update, or delete the information.
    Only You and the Admin have access to update or change the information. If you need to update the information, you don't have to email anyone, wait for days for the update, and hope it gets done. You are in control, just login and go to the dog and update the information ( you must be the user that entered the dog )

    People add dogs daily, sometimes people will add your dog because it is listed on their pedigree - that's not a problem - We will give you the "creator" rights to the dog once you send us proof that you are the correct and current owner. We are here to help you in keeping your dogs information accurate.

    Our site is public, the data is not hidden from view forcing people to sign up for an account ( or paying to have an account ). You can share any of the pedigrees that are on the site with others through either the Facebook Share Button or you can link directly to the page using the HTML code provided.

    Understand that we are here to help, not hinder your quest in keeping a public profile of your dog(s) and pedigree

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    Why Are Dogs Flagged?
    We flag dogs for various reasons which include any of the following
  • Missing Dam or Sire
  • Missing D.O.B
  • Missing Registration Number(s)
  • Missing Color

  • We understand that some older generation dogs can not be researched
    We take that in to account when flagging dogs
    We flag current dogs that can not be verified through our normal means

    To get the flag removed and stop the dog from being deleted. The person that created the dog must supply information and proof of the dog and pedigree


    By having your dog Bully Registered Certified you are letting people know that your dog has been verified to have a accurate pedigree on Bully Registry.

    What this does for the dog and you:

    • Locks The Information ( no one except You or the Admin can change it )
    • Hides Your Dogs Registration Numbers From Public View
    • Places a Gold Seal Above the picture of your dog
    • Shows proof of pedigree to individuals interested in breeding and Litters
    • Give the public a good feeling about you and your dog as you have taken the time to certify the pedigree
    • You can link your breeding and pups to the site to show that the pedigree has been certified

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