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Here are the step by step instructions on how to add a new dog to BULLY REGISTRY

You must be a registered user in order to add a dog. If you have not created a member account, you will need to do this first.

On the top right side of the web site is a search box. Please search for the dog that you are wanting to add before you do anything. This will save you time if the dog is already listed.
If you find "Your" dog, and you want to take "site ownership" of the dog and be able to update the information, there are steps you can take to get "site ownership" placed with your account.
Click Here for more information.


 After you have search the site using the search at the top right of the site and determined that your dog is not listed, and you are logged into the site you are now ready to add your dog.

On the main menu of the site, hover your mouse over "Dogs" and a drop down menu will appear, you can select "Add Dog"

If you are not logged in to BULLY REGISTRY this option will not be visible in the menu, please make sure you are logged in.

 This page is where you will add your dog's "REGISTERED NAME".

Make sure that you are spelling the name EXACTLY is it appears on your dog's registration papers, including proper punctuations.

** This site allows the use of special characters such as apostrophe ( ' ) and the hyphen ( - )

If there is not possible match, you will get this screen, simply click on "Go on adding"

If for some reason you missed your dog when you did the initial search, the site goes through and looks for possible matches that are in the database. If your dog is listed, please select select your dog and click ok, other wise you can continue on adding the dog.

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