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You can upload you dog's photo in a few easy steps

 On the left of the screen, you will see a box with your dog's name in it, simply click on "Add Photo"

This will create a pop up for the next steps.

Please add a picture of your dog BEFORE you add any information. If you do not and have all the information in the fields and then click "Add Photo" you will lose all the information you just entered.

If you forget about this step you will have to type all the info again.

** work around - if you forgot to add the photo and you already placed the information in all the fields, click on "Save" you can then go back and "update" the dog and add the photo



At this point when you clicked on "Add Photo" the site grayed out and a pop up was produced.

this is where you will "browse" to the picture on your local device and browse to the picture.

There is a size limit on what can be uploaded - please use pictures that are 600x600 pixels or less


Fill in all the information you want

Copyright:  Who is the actual owner of the image ( Person or Kennel )

Posted By: You can use your membership name

Notes: any information about the picture ( age of dog at time of picture )

you MUST agree that the image is NOT protected by any third party copyright before you are allowed to upload the image to the site.

Once you click on submit - it may take up to a minute for the photo to upload and refresh the main page with the image ( please do not refresh or close out your browser )


After the upload is complete, the main page will refresh and your dog's photo should be there

We used "Shiloh Of Bushmans" as the example

You are done with adding the photo to the dog. you can continue on to the next step, or you can add additional photos of your dog by following the steps on this page.


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