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The Form has been broken down to several areas, we will cover each one

Land Of Birth

 Land Of Birth:

Which country was the dog born in? There is a drop down with several countries listed, just select the one that is correct

We place USA at the top as 95% of the dog entered are from the USA.


Land Of Standing


Land Of Standing:

Which country does the dog reside in? There is a drop down with several countries listed, just select the one that is correct

We place USA at the top as 95% of the dog entered are living the USA.

Size and Weight

Size and Weight:

If you want to post the size and weight of the dog, here is where you do this, depending on where you are from, make sure you select the proper radio button as the site calculates based on cm / inches and kg / pounds.



Please select the color that is on your registration papers.




Distinguishing Features


Distinguishing Features:

Add anything markings that makes this dog unique


Place the current titles your dog holds from registries ( PR, CH, GRCH, CGC, Etc.. )

Retired From Breeding ( Altered ):

IMPORTANT - if your dog has been retired from breeding, please select this, as people who are researching a pedigree may be interested in a breeding with your dog. This will let them know that the dog has been retired ( altered / spay-neuter ) and can not be bred.

This also helps put a red flag on your dog to determine if papers have been hung off your dog. People will know that the dog has been altered and is not able to produce.




You can note anything special about the dog in this field - such as what is noted in the test dog - stating that two registries have the named two different ways




After inputing all the correct information - click on the "save" button

Your dog and information has been added to the database

The site will automatically take you to the details of the dog you just entered.

** you can update the information as needed, but you MUST be the person that added the dog, otherwise the site will pop up a message stating that you do not have rights to change the information - this keeps your dogs from being changed and helps keep the information correct.


Clone Dog


If you are the "creator" of a dog and you have another dog with the same information ( litter mate ) you can "clone" your exsisting dog and a new dog will be created as a "copy".

Clone Warning Popup

When you click on the "Clone" button you will be given a popup message verifying you want to clone the current dog you added / updated.

Click yes to clone or Cancel to stop the clone.

Cloned Dog Begining

Example: Test Dog_copy

 This will transfer all the important information to the cloned dog, all you need to do is update the missing information.


  •   Dogs correct Name
  •   Sex Of Dog ( Male - Female )
  •   Upload a picture of the dog

You will need to add the registration numbers, microchip information, color,


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