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The Form has been broken down to several areas, we will cover each one

Add Owner

 Add Owner

Click on the "Add Owner" button

Type In Owner's Last Name


Type In Owners Last Name:

In the last name field, type in the last name of the Owner.

Once you press the "Submit" button, the web site will search the records for any Owner with the last name you type in.

No Owner Match Found

No Owner Match Found:

If no match is found, you will see the "Add Person" popup, simply click on the "Go on adding" link

Add Owner Information

Add Owner Information:

On this screen, you can fill in the information that you know.

Do NOT put http:// in the Homepage Field, the site will add the proper linking when saving.

Once you complete all the information you know, click "Add".




If Owner Match Is Found


Owner Match Found:

When you click on "Submit" in the "Add Person" box and it produces a list of possible matches, please doubel check the list to make sure that the Owner is not already listed. If the Owner is listed, simply click on the radio button next to the name and click ok.

If the name is not listed, click on the radio button "I have checked that 'last name you type' is not one of the above persons" and click "ok"


Edit Or Save Owner Found

Edit Or Save Owner Found:

When you come to this, There are a few things that are important.

Prior to the update of the site, several homepage addresses were added with the HTTP://
This MUST removed or you will receive an error when trying to save the information.

Update any information that is not listed.


Save Owner Information

Save Owner Information:

After inputting all the correct information - and removing the "http://" from the website field, simply click on "Save"

The web site will update the main page with the Owner

Adding Owner Complete

If you followed these steps, the end results will be that you have added the Owner to the dog's information


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